Step 1

Join the game (“Game”) on by signing in with your Facebook or Google account

Step 2

Fill up your email address

Step 3

Select ‘Start Challenge’

Step 4

Invite a friend to partner up with you by selecting ‘Copy Link’ or ‘Share on Whatsapp’ (“Partner”)

Step 5

When the Game starts, Participants and the Partner will have to:

i) Say ‘Lou Sang’ wishes for forty-five (45) seconds to complete the Game;

ii) Be ready for photo session at the end of the Game; and

iii) Upload the photo to Facebook with the hashtags #PictureCNYTogether #OPPOReno5Series5G. Remember to set your Facebook account to PUBLIC.

* Only Participants who score 1500 points or above are entitled to join the lucky draw (“Qualified Participants”).

* Tips to obtain a higher score: Make sure both you and your Partner shout out ‘Lou Sang’ wishes continuously throughout the game.

* Clear your browser's history/cache to get the latest version.